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IT’S POTTY TRAINING TIME! I knew it was time to start introducing Brooke to the potty not long after she started walking; she would follow us into the bathroom every time we went. She than started understanding what “wee” and “poo” was. Whenever she would do a poo she would lift up her shirt to tell […]

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How To Avoid Raising A Picky Eater

How To Avoid Raising A Picky Eater | The Watts

Growing up I used to be quite a picky eater. I would pick and choose things I liked depending on the texture or the look of it. Sometimes I wouldn’t even try new foods because of the way it looks! I am determined now that i’m a mother I will try my best to make […]

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Baby’s First Easter | Gift Guide

Baby's First Easter | Gift Guide | The Watts

So Easter is not long now! I thought I would come up with a baby’s First Easter Gift guide. No matter if you’re looking for gifts for a family member or your children; these will all suit the special occasion.   I have came across a website I always used to use called Catch Of […]

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Kidloland App | Review

Kidloland App Review | The Watts

Hey guys, I have finally found an app made for babies! As Brooke was getting older, I tried out a few different apps that I thought she may like; but most of the apps are aimed for “kids”. They were all way too advanced for her as well. Our daughter absalutely loves nursery rhymes! She […]

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Happy First Birthday Baby Girl!

Oh what a year it has been! Today our baby girl turns ONE. The 26th February 2016 was the day we became a family; It was truly the best day of our lives. Happy First Birthday Baby Girl. Watching Brooke grow has been both an amazing and also a scary journey. Amazing because of all […]

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How To Clean Your PortaCot

How To Clean Your PortaCot | The Watts

The other day i found a post online about cleaning your portacot. After seeing it, i was disgusted and felt like i needed to clean it right away! So today’s task after my partner went to work was to clean the portacot using the method i saw.

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5 Baby-Proofing Tips You Must Concider

5 Baby Baby Proofing Tips You Must Concider | The Watts

You may have researched quite alot of information you need for the first few months, but have you thought about what is going to happen when your little one is mobile? Everything you remember about keeping your baby safe changes.

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Am I Doing Okay

baby at park

I Have been a mummy to this sweet little girl for almost a year now. I love to reflect on different bits of my life and Brooke turning one has made me think think am i doing okay?