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The Big Move | Family Diary

Well it’s been well over a week since we moved into our first home. I did already wrote a blog post which you can find here but I thought I should write a little diary for the first week of us living in our new home as a family.

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Moving Into Our First Home

We moved into our first home! It’s been quite a while since i last submitted a blog post, and the reason is because we have been pretty busy moving; but now the internet is up and running i can start publishing. Yay. Alot has happened during the last few months; Brooke turned one, my mum […]

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A Night In Newcastle

A Night In Newcastle | THE WATTS

On Friday we decided to head off to Newcastle to visit Cameron’s dad in hospital. We booked a room at Apollo International Hotel in Newcastle using a site we always use.

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Last minute road trips continued…

Last Minute Road Trips Continued | THE WATTS

I have continued the post i wrote yesterday called Last minute road trips. We thought we would blog about our amazing week as a family in our caravan at Ulladulla so we can always look back at this unforgettable memory.

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Last Minute Road Trips

Last Minute Road Trips | THE WATTS

Tuesday – We decided since my partner had a week off work we would go vist our caravan in ulladulla. The drive usually takes 3 hours and we love the amazimg scenery drive along the way ! We usually come to ulladulla every weekend that Cameron isnt working. We have put it on the market to […]

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Discovering Rileys Mountain

Discovering Rileys Mountain | THE WATTS

Rileys Mountain We found this place on the way to Mulgoa Rock Lookout. We didn’t brave the walk until after i gave birth because of the steep hills. Our first time going was when Brooke was 2 weeks old.