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Happy 8 Months Baby Girl

By The Watts

Brooke turned 8 months old last week and ever since her 8 month birthday she has turned into amazing baby girl. 

Today while cameron went down to the shops i decided to take Brooke for a walk to the park. Not even 5 minutes into the walk and shes asleep! We went on a long walk hoping she would be awake by the time we got to the park. Nope. I was wrong. This is the reason why im writing this blog post because im sitting on the park bench, with a baby who is fast asleep in the stroller. I even brang some snacks and im eating them on my own.

Brooke has brought us so much joy and happiness especially now she is getting her own personality and character. This month she has learned so many new things. I have jotted down a few things both new and old that she has been doing lately. I will do a more detail 8 month old post once get her weighed and measured.

  • 8 teeth. 1 year molars are coming through now
  • Just started crawling! still getting used to it tho
  • Copys new sounds and noises 
  • Pulls out drawers and plays in them
  • Loves touching anything that doesn’t belong to her or something she’s not aloud
  • Loves eating more whole foods now
  • Eating squeezie pouches herself
  • Nods her head
  • Waves bye bye 
  • Loves cats and dogs 
  • Puts hands up to be picked up

I love spending time with her and waking up to her every morning. She has let us sleep through the night basically since she was born which we are thrilled about. I have noticed she started being clingy and would sook if i left the room but i havnt noticed it as much lately. 


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7 comments on “Happy 8 Months Baby Girl”

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. You’ve got such an adorable baby (Masha-Allah). First 2 years are the best time to cuddle and play with babies. It’s bliss! …and hey, the more the baby sleeps the better for the baby (not for parents, of coarse!) 🙂 Good luck and have fun (I mean it when i say FUN!)

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