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Last minute road trips

By The Watts

Tuesday – We decided since my partner had a week off work we would go vist our caravan in ulladulla. The drive usually takes 3 hours and we love the amazimg scenery drive along the way ! 

We usually come to ulladulla every weekend that Cameron isnt working. We have put it on the market to sell and we are using it to spend family time until it gets sold and taken out of our hands. Cameron drove the whole way there and Brooke slept most of the way. When she was awake she was staring out the window until she realised she was starving. I knew she wouldnt drink her bottle cold so we had to call into a petrol station. As it was still a while to go i tried feeding her some yoghurt which was gone within a minute.

Wednesday – The next morning Brooke woke up very happy and joined us in bed around 9am. She slept through the night, thankfully! She got to have some playtime on mummy and daddys bed before we got up.

As daddy went to the shops to get some food for a picnic on the beach, bub had fell asleep sitting up… so sweet.

Towels packed, sunscreen applied, lunches made, bag packed. Off to the beach we went. We had so much fun playing in the sand and going in the water. 

Daddy drew a pretty picture of a butterfly and wrote your name in the sand. You tried to copy daddy by scratching the sand.

After the beach we jumped straight into the pool. It was so hot at the beach. We are lucky to live so close to the beach. Racecourse beach is a 2 minute walk from our holiday caravan. We blew up the floatie and in we went.

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Do you love going near the beach/water when you go on holidays? Where is your favourite place to go.


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23 comments on “Last minute road trips”

  1. I think it’s a good idea to get the baby used to water. I never learned to swim. I wish I had had the chance to learn when I was younger. Now I am afraid of water. She will have no fear.Liked seeing the photos of different places, Thanks for sharing them, as I will most likely never get to that side of the world

  2. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See! You are brave for traveling and writing with a child — but you are doing it beautifully. Best wishes for many great moments together making memories!

  3. A very lovely trip, thank you for sharing. Also, thank you for following my blog, I will certainly take time to visit yours as well. Have a happy day. 🙂

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