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Last minute road trips continued…

By The Watts

I have continued the post i wrote yesterday called Last minute road trips. We thought we would blog about our amazing week as a family in our caravan at Ulladulla so we can always look back at this unforgettable memory.

Thursday  This morning we woke up to a beautiful happy girl. So we decided to go to a river nearby to our caravan park. We found one minutes away. The lake is called Burrill Lake. The view was breathtaking.

Burrill Lake is a quiet lake and ocean resort. A few minutes south of Ulladulla. People come to Burrill Lake to fish, canoe, windsurf, water ski and swim in the lake. The Lake reminds me of a beach with sand on the shore line and shallow water safe enough for babies and kids. The shore line is also lined with natural bushland. 

Cameron blew up the raft and we took all the stuff down to our spot (in one trip!!!).

Brooke was asleep in the car so we thought we would take the capsule with us, along with the rocker, the floatie, the raft, towels and a bag. She woke up not long after we arrived so it was pointless. Brooke was already dressed in her Minnie mouse swimmers and a swimming nappy. I applied sunscreen and in she went.

She loved splashing and making lots of noise. It must have reminded her of a big giant bathtub. As Cameron went paddling away on his raft, me and Brooke took lots of photos and videos. I put her in the floatie and let her have a little swim.

She was born in the water and she still loves the water. Our baby has definitely grown into a young girl changing every single day. I can’t keep up with her anymore. She’s already on the urge of crawling and standing up. I don’t remember the day she stopped being “a baby”. 

This was an awesome day. It was a great last day of the holiday. The sun was shining. There were hardly no clouds in the sky. Perfect relaxing Friday.

Do you still remember one of the first holidays you went on with your baby? What is your favourite memory with your family?


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18 comments on “Last minute road trips continued…”

  1. Looks like a wonderful time. We didn’t take that many holidays when I was young. But I started to like to travel as I got into my 20s. Then we had kids and we became house-bound for a while. We’re getting out and about exploring America now. It’s so important to get kids out experiencing things. Looks like your little one had a great time exploring the beach. Happy travels!

  2. Many thanks for your follow! I wish your family much joy. I’m sure you’re doing everything possible to safeguard that precious little one. But I’d suggest caution, as far as sharing photos of her. Unfortunately, not everyone online has good intentions.

  3. Great to meet you and lovely pictures of your adorable baby girl and a great caravan trip! Thanks for following my blog.. x

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