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How I Organize Baby Drawers

By The Watts

Now Brooke is almost 8 months old, her drawers are looking more full and new clothes keep replacing the old ones. I have noticed the only routine that has never changed is the way i put Brooke’s clothes away and how i organize everything inside her drawers.

How I Organise Baby Drawers | THE WATTS

How I Organise Baby Drawers | THE WATTS

How I Organise Baby Drawers | THE WATTS

I bought the chest of drawers from Baby Stepz as a deal with a change table and cot. I bought it when i was 13 weeks pregnant before i found out the gender. I have no idea why i bought it so early, i wanted to do most of the nursery before i was too pregnant and wouldn’t be able to help do anything. The store i bought it from delivers or you can pick it up. The whole set cost be roughly $600-$700. These drawers fit more than enough and i never run out of room. Even as Brooke’s clothes have been getting bigger i have had no troubles with space.

How I Organise Baby Drawers | THE WATTSHow I Organise Baby Drawers | THE WATTS

In the first drawer there are singlets and short outfits. I put these underneath clothing. Now as the weather has started heating up i don’t put her in singlets as much. I also put her tops and pants in this drawer. The reason is because there’s plenty of room and i find it more easier accessing them. At the back of the drawer there is a  white box with stockings, and headbands.

How I Organise Baby Drawers | THE WATTS

In the second drawer i keep all her day outfits. I fold them like this so i can see what i’m looking for. These outfits usually don’t need pants to go with them. Now Brooke is is size 6-12 clothing, which is a big change from when she was born into tiny 00000 clothes ! She will be crawling soon and summer is just around the corner so these outfits are easy to put her in and keeps her cool and easier to crawl around.

How I Organise Baby Drawers | THE WATTS

This Next drawer, is for pajamas! Ever since Brooke was born i have put her in onsies to sleep but now she has cute summer pj’s for when it starts getting hotter at nights. I’m super excited for her to start wearing these.

How I Organise Baby Drawers | THE WATTS

The Fourth and final drawer is the everything drawer! I put her albums, milestone cards, floatie, paint for handprints, Information booklets for her toys and prams. Gifts and bits of pieces that will be sorted out “another day”.

How I Organise Baby Drawers | THE WATTS

This is Jemima duck. It was gifted from my aunty and uncle for her christening.

How I Organise Baby Drawers | THE WATTS


Hey! We are a young family from Sydney. Family & lifestyle bloggers. Parents to a bubbly one year old girl.

4 comments on “How I Organize Baby Drawers”

  1. I love this post, i’m always so clueless as to how to organise my sons dresser, so thank you for this post, exactly what i was looking for! 😀 But now i have a wardrobe for him, his dresser looks bare hahah! #

  2. I am always looking for new ways to organize Isaac’s dresser. He turned 1 in October and his clothes do in fact take up more room. I always love reading organization tips!

  3. So organized i love it – great work mama!! I find it tricky to organize such tiny little clothes…Finally getting better at it.

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