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Bambeado Teething Toys Review

By The Watts

A few weeks ago i entered a competition on mummytotwinsplusone blog. Not long after, i received an email saying i won! The prize included some teething toys from Bambeado (the makers of Sophie the Giraffe). Bambeado is an international company who make teething toys and Baltic amber jewellrey.

Brooke has got 8 teeth already, she started teething when she was 3 months old! I was an early starter so i was well aware Brooke would be early as well… I just wasn’t expecting this much teeth already. She’s always putting everything in her mouth and soothes her gums with anything she can find, including her finger and mine of course.
Bambeado teething range are for adults as well as for the babies. This is because babies love to pull on mums necklaces and bracelets, so they brought out jewelry for mums to wear on special occasions (or everyday) and not have to get their expensive necklace broken.

The giveaway included:

BAMBEADO Teething Products Review | THE WATTS

Purple Bam Bam Teething Toy : Little Bam Bam is a safe silicone teether that is designed to help with the pain of babies sore gums. Bam Bam is actually the mascot for Bambeado and they made it into a teething toy. The toy has chewable ears, horns and legs. The feel and texture of Bam Bam gives babies stimulation. The toy is also light and bright so perfect for small hands. It is BPA free and can be used from birth which is good as i could hardly find teething toys for babies younger than three months. Because Brooke started showing symptoms of teething at 2 months old it was hard to find anything to help soothe her gums. Not even bonjela was recommended until 4 months old. This Bam Bam toy came right on time as she is teething, once again.  It is the only teething toy that she has shown any interest in or acted like it relieved the pain in the gums. I really like that it is JUST a teether. No rattle. No extra fuss. No tiny cracks or hollow parts to fill up with slobber. It’s purpose it to relieve the pain of teething and it’s size and shape makes it easy for baby hands to grasp and hold. I love how cute it is and how the shape of the giraffe lends to it’s function. I like that it is flat because it makes it easy for her to hold and pull it to her mouth from any angle. The horns are great for getting to the back gums, my only concern would is if this was given to a baby who is teething, they might bite off the horns and ears. The toy (as printed on the back of the package) should be inspected after each use. The silicone it is made with is really flexible yet firm.

Scarlet Adult Silicone Round Beaded Necklace : Your teething baby really wants this. The round silicone beaded necklace are 80 cm in length. The necklace has round 1.5 cm beads at the front which attach to smaller 1 cm beads. The texture of the beads will leave your baby occupied for hours. The beads are silicone so it freezes safe for a little extra relief and can be boiled or placed in the dishwasher for sterilization. Although i do find it easier handwashing with soap and water. The material is soft enough and has a little “give” so your Baby does not feel like he/she is chewing hard plastic. The product also has a safety clasp so putting the necklace on is super easy! Silicone jewellery is fantastic for multi-tasking mums that love to wear accessories but are worried about items being mouthed or broken by little hands.

Scarlet Adult Silicone Round Beaded Bracelet : Fantastic Product! Bracelet slips perfectly over wrist. The bracelet is 7 cm in diameter and the round beads are 1.5 cm. The beads are perfect to gnaw on and Brooke loves it ! she sits down and plays with my wrist for ages until i take it off and give to her to play with. It is safe and just like the necklace, looks fab. Bambeado silicone is made from 100% food grade silicone and get tested to make sure it is PVC and BPA free. This is great as a teether and as a toy. The silicone is also easy to look after.

Adult Amber Premium Square Bracelet Cognac : Ah, my favorite! This gorgeous amber bracelet is part of the new Aura range of jewellery from Bambeado in New Zealand. The products are aimed at and for adults. The bracelet is light and nice to wear. It is made from large, carefully selected pieces of polished amber. The amber beads are connected by a strong thread. One thing i found very difficult to learn when Brooke started teething was learning about amber. I kept hearing that word but i had no idea what it did for her. As i researched up on it pretty surprised what it did for you. Yes you. Not just for babies, Amber is beneficial for adults too.

These are some pretty interesting facts about Baltic Amber-

  • Inner Body Cleanser
  • Allows body to heal
  • Relaxes you
  • Alleviates stress and anxiety
  • Promotes good health
  • Helps with Emotional calming
  • Treats stomach, throat, kidneys, liver
  • Strengthens mucous membranes
  • Strengthens memory
  • Improves immunity
  • Balances acids

These are all great facts to know about Baltic amber. For babies and toddlers the Baltic amber comes in teething necklaces, bracelets and anklets. They reduce inflammation in the gums, accelerates the natural healing process, alleviates teething pain, provides a calming effect without the use of drugs, serves as a natural painkiller, and helps with discomfort from ear irritation as well as fevers and colds.

BAMBEADO Teething Products Review | THE WATTS

BAMBEADO Teething Products Review | THE WATTS

I hope you enjoyed reading my review on Bambeado’s new products. I highly recommend them for your baby or a baby shower gift. Any mum would love these products.

What method did you try when your baby was teething?

I was not compensated for this post nor was i told to write this. These are my honest happy opinions of the products i received from a giveaway. I want to spend a bit of time talking about each individual product and why i love them!


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  1. This is a really fascinating concept. One that wasn’t around when my twenty year old triplets were teething. We often used frozen wet washcloths and regular teething rings but our favorite and the favorite of the kids was a cold empty corn cob. It would cut the corn off the cob and someone would eat that corn and the babies would gnaw on the empty cob and had just enough flavor in it that they loved it. There was no Pinterest at the time that we share ideas by word-of-mouth or passed down from those who had parroted before us. Don’t blink. My 20-year-olds were babies just yesterday.

  2. Hi Jaimie,
    I’m so pleased you loved your gifts. What a lovely post and I’m glad is being helped by them as well. My little boy really likes chewing away on my silicone necklace.

  3. Thanks for sharing!! My four month old has been showing signs of teething since about two and a half months so we have been trying to keep her comfortable. I’m going to look into these!

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