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BABY U Bamboo Wipes | Review

By The Watts

Baby wipes are one of the most used baby products. Any mummy knows how critical baby wipes are in our lives.
They become that essential that you freak out if you leave them behind and you end up completely lost without them. Baby wipes become our sticky fingers wipes, our face washers, our dirty mouths wipes, our table cleaners, our car wipes, and finally the bum wipes. The uses we can do with baby wipes are limitless.

From the day we took Brooke home from the hospital, we used baby  wipes when changing her nappy. We never used cotton wool and water. The wipes we used to use was Huggies, we never had a problem with these wipes until she started getting older and forming rashes on the nappy area. The wipes are really dry, which are not too good on Brooke’s bum. They don’t feel nice to the touch and feel abit scratchy to me. I slowly noticed her getting a rash that would come and go, initially i thought it was the nappy or diarrhea causing the rash, but it kept getting worse so i switched over to Baby U bamboo wipes.

BABY U Bamboo Wipes | Review

The same day i switched over to Baby U bamboo wipes i noticed the difference in the wipes. They are not the thickest wipes but i have never gotten a wipes that has ripped or torn. Think about how many nappy changes you do each day! Each time you do a nappy change, you’re wiping lots of ingredients onto your baby’s bum. Baby U bamboo baby wipes are a little pricey costing roughly $4-5 a pack. I love their other products too, they sell soap, bath gel, shampoo and massage oils.

Made of bamboo (a sustainable resource) the wipes are soft and sturdy. They do have a medium-strong scent, but it is not perfume, it’s full of essential oils, and i actually find the scent to be slightly pleasant. The packaging is recyclable, and has a closeable lid unlike other natural baby wipes which only have a sticker covering a hole. We find we use a lot less of these wipes compared to other ones, they seem to clean very well.

BABY U Bamboo Wipes | Review

Which wipes do you use? Why are they your favourite?

I was not compensated for this post nor was i told to write this. These are my honest happy opinions of the products i received from a giveaway. I want to spend a bit of time talking about each individual product and why i love them!


Hey! We are a young family from Sydney. Family & lifestyle bloggers. Parents to a bubbly one year old girl.

6 comments on “BABY U Bamboo Wipes | Review”

  1. I live this review. P.S. I took me a minute to figure out the meaning of “nappy.” Lol…thanks for the context clues. I wonder if we can get those in the U.S. Love your blog!

  2. I think those are a good choice. I hope you are not having problems with diapers. They say they are made with some materials that are irritants. It’s all about making money, and cutting corners.

  3. Nice post
    Thank you for sharing

    I also had the same problems with wipes for my kids
    I think at the end of the day no matter how natural the ingredients or soft the material, the consistent wiping and running of a soft baby bum will produce a reaction

    I used buggies too in the beginning and even switched to other brands too

    I stopped wipes altogether for noms. My secret to a rash free bom is warm water and a little baby soap. And then I pay dry. The only time I take wipes with me is for am outing and even then, if the bathroom facilities are convenient enough I will use soft tissue soaked in warm water

    I still cannot do without wipes. It’s a fantastic surface cleaner. Or floor cleaner. Very smart invention i must say. But anything can be too sensitive for a baby’s skin

    In my opinion that is. 😊😊😊

    Have a nice weekend

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