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Am I Doing Okay

By The Watts

I Have been a mummy to this sweet little girl for almost a year now. I love to reflect on different bits of my life and Brooke turning one has made me think think am i doing okay?Before having a baby i had no idea what to expect. I did have a few close friends who had babies but i never really took much attention because i didn’t know i would become a mumma so instantly. I had no idea how much being a mum would change me.

am i doing okay
For the first few months of Brooke being born i couldn’t understand what was hard about having a baby. My partner was off work for the first few months, we had loads of visitors dying to meet her. She was an easy baby all she would do is eat play and sleep, she started sleeping through the night from 2 months when she got put on formula and it made life even more easier.

When Brooke met the 7 month mark, that’s when the devil came out of her. She would stop having her afternoon sleep, throw tantrums (actually putting her head down screaming), Eat heaps and heaps. The one thing that i didn’t know how to deal with was when i would leave her on the floor to play or if i would give her to someone else she would scream until i came back into sight or was holding her. She turned from a laid back baby who loved everyone and was always calm, to a clingy monkey who needed her parents around 24/7!

am i doing okay | THE WATTS

Luckily, since starting this blog i have met other like minded mums and i am slowly learning that i can do things my way. There’s loads of help and advice on the internet to help you when you’re having a baby or have a baby.

I found that reading blogs helped me realize that a baby growing up is not scary. I’ve learnt that babies are incredibly different and their personalities matter. Brooke is not a happy baby all the time, she will cry over nothing or if she doesn’t get her own way, sook if something falls, screams if she ‘thinks’ she hurt herself and constantly demanding us if we leave the room but that’s okay because every baby is different and she has her own unique personality. Sadly she did inherit most of these from me! Especially with getting her own way. Poor Cameron has a lot to deal with.

There are some theories about babies and sheep. We have tried a few things but i truly believe every stage of her life she will grow out of it when she’s ready and move on with the next stage. I’m sure i have made quite a few mistakes during her first year, but every baby goes through phases of difficulties.


am i doing okay | THE WATTS

I am excited to see where the future takes us. Our growing little girl is startingΒ to get more of a personality and looks older each day. She learns things constantly and every day is different to the last.


Have you ever looked for advice about parenting? Did it make you think more positively?Β 


Hey! We are a young family from Sydney. Family & lifestyle bloggers. Parents to a bubbly one year old girl.

47 comments on “Am I Doing Okay”

  1. What a cutie! Every baby is different, but every mom is different, too. And each dad and family have their own dynamics. I’m sure you are doing the very best you know how, and so is she.

  2. I can totally relate! Being a mom is an awesome challenge. Seeing a baby grow is the most beautiful thing. I am learning a lot myself as a new mom and looking forward to meeting the challenges that lie ahead. My baby is pretty laid back at 2 months. She does however love to be held so it can be challenging at times when I have lots of things to do. She sleeps through the night for the most part as well. Anyway, looking forward to more of your posts. Thanks for sharing these experiences with us, the wider world of moms πŸ™‚

  3. I’m grateful you chose to follow my blog–I’m going to return the favor because this is just too fun. My grandson morphed into the energizer bunny on steroids at 2, from a laid back sweet boy. And all six of my kids went through the same morphing. It’s what the little buggers do. Glad you see the fun in it.

  4. You’re doing just fine. Every child is as unique as their mother. Your pairing is not accidental, you’ll figure it out as you goπŸ˜‰. Btw, thanks for following me at Vine Life Faith.

  5. Hello, Nice to meet you, thanks for following my blog. I am following yours now. You have a nice family. Brooke is a little cutie. I think it would be great to chronicle her life as she gets older and you record the highlights. I am sure when she is older, she would find it to be a wonderful gift. I look forward to reading more. I have always wanted to visit Australia.

  6. Raising a child is the hardest and the most rewarding job that exists! You are raising our future. It sounds like you are up for it. Thanks for following my blog.

  7. Are you doing OK? Definitely! Your pictures brought smile to my face. Your Brook will come out of this by the power of love from on high. It never fails. It always avails! Hold her. Hug her. Kiss her. Play with her. Let her sleep with you. If I had to do it all over again with my children? That’s what I will do to establish a bond with them. Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

  8. Beautiful bunch. Thanks so much for taking the time off it all to follow Colltales. I’m following The Family now and will be sure to visit often, even if only to relive some of that magic; it goes so fast. Enjoy it all. Cheers

  9. Hey Jaimie… Thanks for following my blog. You have an amazing family and doing a fantastic job as a parent. And i must mention your daughter is as adorable as an angel. Her cute smile just made my day. πŸ™‚

  10. It’s always a balance between constantly learning to be a better parent, and realizing we don’t really know what we’re doing and it’s going to be ok.

  11. Your daughter is beautiful and acting exactly as she is supposed to. My daughter was a tough baby, never slept or napped, had colic for 3 weeks straight, ate very little (she was 16 pounds at 1 year), walked -actually ran-at 9 months and turned into a wonderful toddler! She was reasonable, followed directions, she was amazing. My son slept through the night, ate everything (still only 19 pounds at 1Year, we are all small) then turned into the devil! His terrible twos were from 18 months to 3 years old. He was completely unreasonable and irrational and cycled through every emotion every 4 hours! Today they are 22 and 20 years old respectively, and fantastic young adults. My point: you can have many children and they will all be different, but you will survive and be amazed at how wonderful they turn out and you will be proud of the job you did! Hang in there!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out, I really appreciate your time!

  12. Your post brings back many memories. I have raised three wonderful children and now I am enjoying my grandchildren. I am now 73 and the only thing I can tell you is, Buckle up because you are in for the ride of your life but it all turns out great when they graduate university, get married and have children of their own. You get to spoil them and then they go home. :o)

  13. It’s brilliant that you are sharing this post, it helps showing that parents aren’t perfect and that’s absolutely normal. we try to find what is best for our babies. I keep on asking myself every single day: “Am I doing this right”, especially because she has reflux since she was born and I didn’t sleep more than 3h a day for almost 3 months. Now at 4 months she wakes a few times at night, but every time she has an episode of crying because of the pain and she wants to sleep and not eating I burst into tears and I feel I’m a loser and that I was supposed to be a lot stronger than I am. But truth is, I’m only human. Had no idea this would be so hard

  14. Looks like you are doing just fine as a mummy. She is a beautiful little girl. Thank you for finding and following my blog.Blessings to you and your family!

  15. Hi, thanks for following my blog! It means a lot. Also I like yours- and I’m sure you’re doing more than fine with your one year old. Your pictures are lovely πŸ™‚

  16. My Little One turned 1 year in October. I have taken advice over the year, but more so, I listened and later reflected on if I wanted to apply that advice to our family. Some things that work for one family, don’t work for another. I also found that for most topics, I could find “medical” advice for both sides, so I tend to trust my gut on what is best for our child within our dynamics. Best of luck mum!

  17. Loved reading this! Every baby goes through stages. My 6 month old will sleep perfectly fine in her crib during the day for naps but recently when its bedtime we have to let her fall asleep in the living room before moving her to her crib or else she’ll scream all night until she falls asleep! Your little one is adorable by the way! πŸ™‚

    Renee | Life After Lux

  18. My first child was calm most of the time. He didn’t cry unless he was teething or got hurt. That changed when he was around three. If he didn’t know someone he would run from them and if people crowded him he would freak out.

    My second child was the exact opposite of calm. Most of the time, I was the only one who could hold her. There were times when she would scream for hours no matter what I did. She didn’t start to grow out of that until she was nearly two. She still has a temper, but there is usually a reason now when it comes out.

    My third child isn’t one yet, but so far, she is in the middle. She isn’t too calm and she isn’t too cranky. Most of the time when she gets upset there is a reason.

    I’m beyond thankful to be able to experience the journey of motherhood.

  19. Lovely post. I’m in the same boat Hun, I always wonder to myself am I doing the right things! Lana is 14 months old and she still isn’t sleeping through, she hates being left on her own in her cot and wakes in the night. I’ve reseated online and read books but at the end of the day I think you know your baby best and I just try and go with the flow and trust my instinct but it’s hard sometimes! You’re doing an amazing job. Beautiful baby girl, love her xxx

  20. Hey hun great post, gosh logan used to sleep through when he was around 9 weeks old until about 12 weeks old. Then there’s his leaps he goes through from time to time which don’t help as they make him really fussy, Clingy and cries all the time and demands attention constantly. But for now he seems content doing his own thing (for about 5 minutes until he gets bored).

    It is hard to know what advice to follow and its difficult to know if your own advice is the right one, but as long as the baby is fed and clean then your doing a good job!
    I put logan into his own room for first time tonight (blog post to be put up soon) and everyone was telling me different things like it’s too soon and some where saying it was best thing they ever did!

    I can’t wait to watch logan grow up and to see what sort of Man he’ll be, and to see if the way we’ve nurtured him makes any difference at all.

    Hope your all doing well.
    Best wishes from the UK, merry Christmas x

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