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5 Baby-Proofing Tips You Must Concider

By The Watts

You may have researched quite alot of information you need for the first few months, but have you thought about what is going to happen when your little one is mobile?
Everything you remember about keeping your baby safe changes. Baby gates go up, cabinet locks get installed and you are constantly looking around to see what else needs to be baby-proofed, including that coffee table in the middle of the lounge room that needs soft corner cushions on all the pointy edges within your baby sight. These 5 tips will give you a more than enough motivation to start baby proofing!

5 baby proofing tips

1. Mount heavy items to the wall. once your wobbly toddler starts walking, the next big thing to worry about is climbing. Toddlers love to climb up onto anything that looks fun. This could include something such as a couch, bookshelves, dressers, coffee tables, flatscreens ect. This is easily fixed with a quick drive to a home improvement store, all your heavy and wobbly furniture can be secured to the walls with mounting kits. To learn more about tv and furniture tip-over preventions for toddlers, check out this site.

2. Keep hot or heavy items away from the table or stovetop. This baby-proofing tip includes a behaviour change for the adults in the house. Toddlers are big trying to reach up as far as they can reach to investigate what’s overhead. By simply pushing cups, dishes and the handles to pots away from your toddlers reach, you can minimise the risk of injury from a falling heavy or hot item.

3. Install childproof locks on ALL drawers and cabinets. You may think your toddler can’t reach the top drawer where your chef knives are stored, but kids grow fast! You may find out how far they can reach the hard way by seeing them grab something sharp and dangerous! Save yourself the anxiety attack, and take the time to put child locks on all the drawers and cabinets from the countertop down.

4. Secure electrical cords and keep them out of reach. This is a tough one with laptops, tablets, mobile phones charging 24/7, but the cords need to be out of your toddlers reach. This becomes even more of a hazard when when cords are connected to heavy and unstable appliances or lamps. To keep your baby safe, create charging stations that are in closed-up areas or up high. Make sure dangling cords are behind furniture and put them into cord-hiding boxes.

5. See the world from your baby’s eye level. There are many things that i could include on this list such as window locks, toilet locks and poisonous houseplant removal. But to create the safest environment for your toddler to explore, it’s easiest to get down on your hands and knees to see what the world looks like from their level. Look for shiny objects that may look fun for your toddler, look for dangling cords they can easily pull, tempting toilet bowls full of splashy water. To keep your little explorer out of danger visit the National Safety council’s site for tips on everything from the dangers of button batteries to drowning prevention.

What baby-proofing step was most helpful in your house?


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22 comments on “5 Baby-Proofing Tips You Must Concider”

  1. I love the “get on their level” tip! Another one lots of people don’t think about is bathtub safety. A non slip mat and maybe something to cover the spout. Also most people know not to leave curtain or blind cords hanging in the baby’s room but it needs to be throughout the house once they start moving around. Unfortunately a family friends son has suffered brain damage from crawling on couch and reaching blind string in their living room 🙁

  2. I now have a grandson. He is now two but has been coming to visit since he was born. We do not have a childproof house apart from baby gates which we had for the dogs. I had to Re think everything. For all the drawers in the kitchen I used thick elastic bands to secure the knobs together. Then when the little one was gone I could take them off. I would leave two cupboards with plastic and wooden things openable so he could get into them and explore. I enjoyed your post. Good advice!

  3. Great article! When we baby proofed we only did it in increments as our baby reached the stage or age to do things like reach the counters or put things in the toilet. But looking back I would recommend to parents doing it all at at once since your baby will reach the next stage before you know it and it is better to be prepared. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders to have it all done now so when baby number 2 comes along we wont have anything to worry about!

  4. I can´t give much advice about raising a kid, since I don´t have a family of my own. I´m pretty much the cool uncle that drops by once in a while give the kids presents play with them for about 2-3 hours, that is my max since after that time is passed they drive my so crazy that I start having thoughts of suicide. But it should be interesting to read about your experiences, probably give me some ideas for my own writing. Glad you dropped by my crazy blog

  5. Great list. I also suggested to my daughter to remove or elevate anything she doesn’t want destroyed, not only the valuables, but anything she doesn’t want ripped, dropped on the floor, or soaked in drool! Reduces stress, saves work, and requires less “no” when curious fingers get busy 🙂

  6. Our little one has been walking for a bit over a month now and we still, sadly, have not done some of these steps. However, I am very vigilant of what my son is doing and we are hoping to install the cabinet locks sometime this month (fingers crossed)! Our baby gate blocking off the stairway has already been a huge lifesaver.

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