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Moving Into Our First Home

By The Watts

We moved into our first home! It’s been quite a while since i last submitted a blog post, and the reason is because we have been pretty busy moving; but now the internet is up and running i can start publishing. Yay.

Alot has happened during the last few months; Brooke turned one, my mum turned 50, Cameron’s parents are moving house and of course us being approved for our first home has been such a big milestone for our and little family.

We had been looking on the Real EstateΒ website for a while now at different places to rent. We were looking at houses, granny flats, units and townhouses that were newly built to suit our family.

As soon as Brooke turned one (it was literally the same day as her birthday) we decided that we “need” our own space. Living with our parents during the pregnancy and the year after her birth had been both really helpful and also very challenging. We realised in order to start our family off, we need to do something about it.

The first place we wanted to have a look at was a good size, brand new granny flat. I couldn’t come to inspect the house that day because i was pretty busy, although Cameron did come home with a big smile on his face. It was perfect for us. While Cameron worked most of the week, me and my mum had a look at a few nice places around the area, unfortuently all the ones we saw were tiny!

We decided to apply for the place Cameron first had a look at. We were expecting to be declined for a few before we got accepted and we had alot of different inspections coming up; but the same day as we applied, Cameron surprised me with a gift box of wonderful things and a beautiful card. Right at the end of the writing on the card, he wrote “btw we got the house”. I was just so excited, things were finally coming together! This was the start of something special – moving in together. It was such a huge shock to us that we got approved to the first home we applied for.

I had so much antisipation leading up to the big move because i hadnt seen it yet. Although i did see a walkthrough video Cameron filmed when he inspected the house. I say house because it’s literally like a house. It’s massive compared to a standard granny flat. It was built a few months ago so were the first people to live there. It’s fenced off all the way round on half an acre. We have our own entrance (not even close to the house at the top- although our mailbox is in front of their house), the backyard has so much potential, i cant wait to clean it up and maybe put in a vegie patch for me and Brooke. Theres alot of hills on the property so i’m wishing Cameron good luck in advance for when he has to mow the lawn… haha.

Inside there are 2 bedrooms, ours has a built in wardrobe. An open plan living and kitchen area. Nice size bathroom although we do have to put our washing machine in there. There is also another door to lead out to the backyard to hang out the washing. The shops are 100 meters away from us and the park is only a 5 minute walk away. This home suits us perfectly!

The town we live in is called Mulgoa. We wernt planning to move out this far, but we just couldnt resist this place. It takes roughly 20 minutes to visit our parents and for Cameron to get to work everyday. It doesnt sound too far but Mulgoa is so much different to St.Marys and Rooty Hill where our parents live; theres houses so close together they may as well be on top of each other, shops everywhere, people everywhere, crime everywhere; this is because the area is more closer to the city. Where we are living now is classed as the county and close the Blue Mountains. If you have a look at this blog post, you will notice how much we love Mulgoa Rock and Riley’s Mountain. We even took Brooke there for her first 5k bushwalk at just 2 weeks old. Luckily for us these lookouts are only 5 minutes away from us! I remember after a few times of going there we actually joked about living around this area in the future and we actually did end up here!

There’s so much to do in the area and i know this is the place we want to grow Brooke up in. We just couldnt be happier. We were planning on saving up for a house and staying with our parents until we could get a loan but after Brooke turned one and started to walk around everywhere we knew it was time to move out and continue to save for a house at the same time.


Hey! We are a young family from Sydney. Family & lifestyle bloggers. Parents to a bubbly one year old girl.

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  1. Looks like a great place! I hope you guys enjoy many years there. Saving for a deposit is so hard, but worth it when we finally got there! Thanks for sharing your journey.

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