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The Big Move | Family Diary

By The Watts

Well it’s been well over a week since we moved into our first home. I did already wrote a blog post which you can find here but I thought I should write a little diary for the first week of us living in our new home as a family.

Tuesday – Moving in day! Cameron got the keys at 9:30 in the morning. He picked us up straight after and dropped Brooke off at her nanna’s house so we could go and see the new house.

The big move | The Watts The big move | The Watts

Cameron hired a truck while me and my parents pulled apart all the furniture we were taking. We didnt do much packing before the big move because we went to Bathurst Raceway the day before we were supposed to move. After packing the truck we went to Cameron’s to pick up everything he was taking, than we headed off! It seemed like a little family convoy haha; because my parents were following behind us in the truck, and Cameron’s parents behind them. When we arrived we didnt think about how difficult unpacking would be with a one year old. We kept taking turns playing with her, she had so much fun watching us bring in all the boxes, bags and furniture. My mum offered to take Brooke home for a nap while me and Cameron picked up some appliances for the house while we still had the truck. The company we went with was called Budget and they were awesome to us; Only $80 for tbe whole day! We positioned the lounge than went to Subway for some lunch. We bought a microwave and a washing machine; all we had left really was a fridge. While Cameron dropped off the truck, I picked up Brooke and went home to set up brooke’s cot and start unpacking. By the end of the night, we still had so much to do, so we called it a night.

The big move | The Watts

Wednesday – As Cameron went to work i started to unpack the rest of our stuff. Brooke was perfect and had two really long naps which made me a happy mumma. After Cameron came home from work he went down to Kmart to pick up some essentials for our new home. Poor Cameron stayed up until 3am decorating the house; when he was finished he woke me up and surprised me.
The big move | The Watts

Thursday – We woke up admiring the house and the way it looked. After Cameron went to work, I put Brooke to bed; than it was cleaning time! I went for hours non-stop even tho the house was already perfectly clean before we moved in.

The big move | The Watts

The big move | The Watts

Today was mum’s birthday so we went to see her for a while, than called into my nan’s house. She was pretty keen to see the place so I took her to have a look. Shortly after arriving my mum brang my brothers girlfriend, Kylie over.

The washing machine wouldn’t open. Luckily it was only a water wash (to clean the machine) instead of a whole load of washing. The door just wound not open, even with it unplugged. I went onto Google and still i found no help. Straight after Cameron finished work he went to Super Amart to buy a bed frame for us. He found a really nice one and it get’s delivered saturday. Poor Cameron has been so busy this week with driving around everywhere and organising things for the house including putting gas, electricity and water into our name and trying to get the internet hooked up; and on top of all that… working every single day! Im very lucky to have such a positive, encouraged like-minded man in my life.

Friday – Cameron went to work while me and Brooke went over to see my parents for the day. We found a lovely lady selling her fridge on gumtree, only to find out she lived in the next street to our new home! So me and my parents went to pick up the fridge; we also scored some really nice bar stools and an old outdoor setting from her as well. It was such a good feeling seeing Cameron come home from work with some beers and spirits in his hands! We were keen for some well-earnt celebration drinks. This was really the first night we could just relax in our own home without running around doing something.

The big move | The Watts

The big move | The Watts

I’m going to stop blabbering on now and talk about our weekend and how moving in has helped us as a family. Over the weekend we put up the bed, the owners dug out a path so they can concrete it for us. I got started on the washing and my first memory of going out the back was the smell of the eucalyptus. I have never smelt that at my old home in Rooty Hill. I love listening to all the wildlife around here and how quiet it is. Brooke has been loving her showers; I simply chuck some toys in their for her and place down a non-slip mat and she has the time of her life. Cameron went fishing at Hawkesbury River with a friend. We had Cameron’s parents over for dinner as well which was a really great night; it felt so grown up. Who would have thought we would have have our first baby together and be moved out by 19.

It truly feels like we are more of a “family”. We settled in quickly and had a good routine going from the start. I love the feeling of cleaning our home and knowing all the effort we put in and all the money we save is going to our future! I love waking up in the mornings to my man, having breaky together and getting that little peace and quiet together before our little monster gets out of bed. Everything is so much easier now we have our own space, I couldnt ask for anything else.


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  1. Looks like you are doing great with all the unpacking and making your new house into home. Such a lovely feeling when you’re able to settle down and relax and just enjoy it too 🙂

  2. Sounds as if everything is really coming together. Your home looks beautiful and Brooke is adorable. I have always been fascinated with Australia. Best of luck and I will continue looking forward to updates.

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