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Kidloland App | Review

By The Watts

Hey guys, I have finally found an app made for babies! As Brooke was getting older, I tried out a few different apps that I thought she may like; but most of the apps are aimed for “kids”. They were all way too advanced for her as well. Our daughter absalutely loves nursery rhymes! She loves humming and dancing to different songs so we gave in on letting her watch youtube for a while. It got quite annoying when different ads would pop up and the songs would change to a boring 70’s music video.

Babies don’t have much of an attention span but with the app Kidloland, there are many features to keep your little one entertained. Kidloland was recently introduced to us and we are obsessed!

What Is Kidloland?

Kidloland is an app aimed at children 0-5 years old. With over 800 nursery rhymes, songs, stories and games; I knew Brooke was going to love it.

I know that parents are always concious about how much time their children spend on mobile phones or watching tv; but with kidloland there is always something for them to learn.

The great thing about kidloland is that the free version isnt stuffed full of adverts (which is a huge pain if your little one cant get past them). In the free version you get plenty of content to keep your little one busy. You also get to trial out the full version of the app for 7 days before you decide if you want to pay to get all the features.

Free Features –

  • Nursery Rhymes
  • ABC Songs
  • Vehicles
  • Fruits
  • Games
  • Animals

Paid Features –

  • Lullabies
  • Months Of The Year
  • Shapes
  • Insects
  • Vegies
  • Christmas songs

How Did We Like It?

Well, we loved it! As i mentioned before, Brooke used to watch nursery rhymes on Youtube. Not only are the videos and adverts terribly annoying for us grown ups; but they are also not very interactive. As parents we want our kids to always be learning and being interactive, even when we are busy; brushing our teeth, showering. Thats why I recommemd Kidloland.

The whole app is interactive. Our daughter enjoys feeding monsters fruit, joining the dots, colouing in, dropping apples on Old Mcdonalds Farm or making pigs play the trumpet! I love the cheeky giggles she makes as she completes a new task. Brooke figured out how to navigate the app quite easily as its really bright with lots of pictures.


How To Download It?

iOS (Apple) : Download Link

Google Play Store : Download Link

Amazon Appstore: Download Link


To read more deatils visit

I recieved a free trial to try out and review from the lovely people at Kidloland. The opinions are completely my own and are 100% honest.



Hey! We are a young family from Sydney. Family & lifestyle bloggers. Parents to a bubbly one year old girl.

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  1. Downloading now! Always looking for something for Lucy (our 1 year old). We like Peek a’boo Barn, too! Thanks for following my blog, looks like we’re two similar families but just living our lives on very different sides of the world 🙂

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