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How To Avoid Raising A Picky Eater

By The Watts

Growing up I used to be quite a picky eater. I would pick and choose things I liked depending on the texture or the look of it. Sometimes I wouldn’t even try new foods because of the way it looks! I am determined now that i’m a mother I will try my best to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our daughter is now one and usually is pretty a good eater. We started off weaning her at 5 moths old with baby rice, then went straight onto baby led weaning. Letting Brooke feed herself from the beginning has made her so independent with food. She did have 4 teeth by the time she started eating which made it much easier for her.

It is very important to develop your child’s palate early. If you give them a lot of variety and let them feed them selves they are a lot less likely to become picky eaters!

Fruits and Vegetables
Start early with introducing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. It is preferable to start with veggies then move on to fruit so they don’t get a sweet tooth from the first food they try. It is important to offer different foods even if your baby only seems to like one or two of them because that will make them learn to only like a few things. Which is the start of being a picky eater!

Different Textures
As your baby starts eating pureed fruits and vegetables, start giving them pureed foods with chunks and lumps in it. We started off by using Heinz Baby food so she could get our baby used to a thicker mash and a different texture. She then moved onto fresh fruits in a feeding net from the supermarket.

Keep trying
One things new parents stress about is if their baby likes the food they made them, or if they’re not eating enough. Babies don’t actually need food until their first birthday. The reason babies start eating early is so that they learn the textures of food, and of course they need they get more hungry as they are growing so giving them food as well as formula or breastmilk fills them up enough. Even if your baby doesn’t like the food keep trying, babies take up to 10 times to start liking something. If your baby doesn’t like carrots, try again the next day! Just don’t give up.


Better Bump would be a great snack for a picky eater or any hungry baby and mama! These bars are made for mum’s before and during pregnancy. A great thing about these bars are that they can be consumed after birth and by anybody!

The tasty bars come in three different flavours; Apricot and Almond with Dark Chocolate, Cranberry with Dark Chocolate, Oat Berry with Dark Chocolate.
How To Avoid Raising A Picky Eater | The Watts

How To Avoid Raising A Picky Eater | The Watts

How To Avoid Raising A Picky Eater | The Watts


How To Avoid Raising A Picky Eater | The Watts


It looks so delicious! Me and Brooke were the first ones to try it and we LOVED it. It was also quite filling.

How To Avoid Raising A Picky Eater | The Watts

How To Avoid Raising A Picky Eater | The Watts


I received 3 free products to try out and review from the lovely people at Better Bump. The opinions are completely my own and are 100% honest.


Hey! We are a young family from Sydney. Family & lifestyle bloggers. Parents to a bubbly one year old girl.

11 comments on “How To Avoid Raising A Picky Eater”

  1. Thanks for the tips. Having a picky eater in the house can be trying, but you do not give up. You keep trying new foods, new textures till you find what they like.

  2. Great post. I, too, was a picky eater all of my life and rejected foods based on texture until I developed leaky gut syndrome in 2013 and became allergic to pretty much everything that doesn’t come directly out of the ground. If I’d learned to eat fruits and vegetables earlier in life, I may have avoided leaky gut syndrome and food allergies altogether, so you may be saving your little one (and other people’s children) from suffering the same fate.

    1. Wow thank you for sharing your story with me, that’s pretty interesting I had no idea there was something called leaky gut syndrome! I hope your managing well. Thanks so much xx

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  4. My daughters each had a couple of things they did not like, but they pretty much ate anything I set in front of them. Whenever they’d stay with the neighbors I’d get compliments. They were so surprised the girls would eat real food. Their own children were not.

  5. None of my kids are picky eaters. I’ve always put it down to the fact that my husband and I aren’t and so have always presented them with a variety of foods and the fact that we chose to go the BLW route. I think that because they’ve always eaten what we were eating instead of eating purees, it made them more open to eating different things.

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