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Cleaning Routine | Lounge room, Kitchen, Bathroom

By The Watts

Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to share with you all how I clean my kitchen, lounge room and bathroom.

Bathroom: I like to start off with the bathroom first. I apply toilet cleanser in the bowl and let it soak for a few minutes. Than I give it a good scrub, and clean around the toilet. I clean the basin. The shower I usually clean once a week, but every time I do this routine I clean up all of Brooke’s toys, and tidy up our shampoo holder. Finally I sweep and mop the floors. Thats the bathroom done. I open the windows and the door to air it out and also give the floor mats a good wash.

Kitchen: I clean the dishes first. Wipe over the bench, Sweep the floors. Take the bins out, clean the bins and replace the bags.

Cleaning Routine | Lounge room, Kitchen, Bathroom | The Watts

Lounge Room: I shake the rug and roll it up. Than i sweep all the dirt into a pile. Than I vacuum the rug. I clean our Tv cabinet with windex and a rag. I also like the wipe over our bar stools with windex; It makes them nice and shiny.

Cleaning Routine | Lounge room, Kitchen, Bathroom | The Watts


I have also made a little Speed Cleaning video on youtube you can watch here.


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  1. Great routine and the video was nicely done! Routines make things go so much smoother, you’d be surprised at how many never develop one, and then they wonder why it takes them so long to do something.

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