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How To Start Your Blog Within 30 Minutes

By The Watts

This page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend tools that I use and trust.

How To Start Your Blog Within 30 Minutes

Starting this mummy blog has been such a rewarding experience and it has ket me sane during motherhood! The only thing that was stopping me from starting a mummy blog sooner, was that I had no idea how to. I spent hours everyday on youtube and I would google “How to start a mummy blog” ALOT until I was confident enough to start up my own blog.


Join A Hosting Service

To start a blog you will need a hosting service. I use Bluehost and it is my favourite! It is easy to use and very reliable. Their plans start out at $3.95 a month and this includes a free Domain Name. To Sign up and choose your plan simply press the link below.




Next choose your Domain. Your Domain will be the name of your website. For example my domain is Try and use a name that will highlight what your blog will be about. Also your domain will be free for signing up with Bluehost!

Once you have chosen a name, enter in all your details, confirm and pay for your hosting service and login. On the homepage click cPanel and find where it says Install WordPress.


Sign up to WordPress with the Domain you just registered. Fill in all your information and that’s it! You have created your Website, congratulations.


Please let me know if you have any questions, I would love to help you out! I am starting a blog series about how to start a mummy blog very soon, subscribe to our website if you have’t already for updates and new posts.



Hey! We are a young family from Sydney. Family & lifestyle bloggers. Parents to a bubbly one year old girl.

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  1. Hi great read! So you use the free domain and that installs to bluehost? Bluehost basically is a platform for WordPress and more that your able to integrate affiliated ads or monetization? Or you would still have to upgrade your wordpress domain and plan for that? Thanks!

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