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Where Have We Been Lately?

By The Watts

Hey Guys!

I have just realised it’s been almost 3 months since i have last uploaded a blog post!!! I had an email from a lovely company who asked me what my plans were for the future; if i was moving over towards Youtube or focusing of my blog as well as Youtube and it really got me thinking.

My blog is what started my hobby for documenting our family’s memories and adventures. I’m so so so glad i started up this blog because it’s something for us to look back on as well as share our lives with you all.

Me and Cameron recently started up a Family Vlogging Channel on Youtube and i have been mostly focusing on getting that up and running. In the meantime I was so focused on filming, editing and uploading video’s that I didn’t have the time for Blogging and I kind of pushed it aside. Cameron went out to the shops the other day and surprised me with a new Camera and a desk so i can have my own little office space as well as get better quality images for my blog posts and Youtube videos.

Here is the video of Cameron surprising me if you were interested in watching it – Video Link 


Anyway, I wanted to fill you all in with what we have been up to lately. Since moving in to our new place we have had the most amazing, beautiful moments created together. Brooke is now 17 months old and it feels like i have suck blinked and all of a sudden our tiny fragile baby girl is now turning into a crazy fun loving little girl. Everyday Brooke learns something new and is constantly trying to be adventurous; climbing, playing and exploring new things.

Me and Cameron got to have 2 night weekend away for our Anniversary so we headed on a 4 hour drive to Canberra. We had a great time down there and have planned to go back and take Brooke with us. There was that much to do there that we just couldn’t fit it all in!



Our new camera is called the Canon G7x Mark 2. It is such a great camera for vlogging as well as taking pictures. I am absolutely LOVING it! The 20 Megapixels gives it that perfect quality every time you pick up the camera.

We won $500 worth of Groceries which was one of my highlights of last month.


Brooke has been so good at shopping with mummy lately. She loves sitting in the trolley looking around, especially when I go into the baby isle and sees the baby fruit pouches that i’m getting her. She literally has a big big big tantrum until i give her one… I wonder where she gets that from. Hehe.

We also painted our table and chairs from green to white which has made a big difference to our backyard. It did take me a week to do half the job and about 10 minutes for Cameron to finish it off. Haha that’s usually how a lot of my tasks finish.

This is my new little office set up. I love having the space to do what I need to do. The flowers make it look so pretty and I can’t wait to start doing lots of blogging and editing videos on here.

We have been in our place for 5 months now and unfortuently because it grows a lot of mould we are looking for another house once the 6 month lease is over. We have a 2 bedroom granny flat at the moment and we want a bigger house with a third bedroom and a bath for Brooke. So we will be extremely busy in the next couple of weeks; packing and organising a new house as well as my long list of Blog post idea’s and uploading to our daily Youtube channel. So it will be pretty hectic but i love doing what I do and I’m excited for what’s to come for us. If you would like to check out our daily vlogging channel I will link it below and it would be great for you to subscribe to keep up to date with us! 🙂 The Watts Youtube Channel


Thank you for reading this short little update on what we are up to at the moment. Jaimie xx


Hey! We are a young family from Sydney. Family & lifestyle bloggers. Parents to a bubbly one year old girl.

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