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Affordable Fashion Jewellery – 7 Charming Sisters

By The Watts

Has any of you mama’s ever dreamt of having a gorgeous piece of affordable fashion Jewellery to match your stunning outfit? Or do you always get stuck when buying gifts for the woman in your life?

I Know I do! That is why I am so glad I found 7 Charming Sisters. They sell Beautiful Affordable fashion Jewellery that you don’t have to break the bank for and they have all types of Jewellery for “Every Woman”! What do I mean by “Every Woman”? 7 Charming Sisters have created seven different lines of Jewellery. So there is something for yourself AND your sister-in-law! I know that buying gifts is one of the most stressful things to do; especially around Christmas time. But I found the 7 Charming Sisters Jewellery fits every woman’s taste and style. It also makes buying gifts that little bit easier!

7 Charming Sisters have actually put together a Holiday Gift Guide. I suggest checking it out if you are stuck on gifts for your friends and family or even if you feel like a few pieces of Jewellery to add to your favorite outfit. Me being a mum, I am constantly getting lasagne flicked on my top, milk spilt on my tights and splashed in the bathroom while my hyper toddler is having a bubble bath. You can understand why I don’t wear great quality designer clothing. I love to keep it simple with a plain Tee and a pair of tights.

7 charming sisters Jewellery is a perfect match for me. They have such a great affordable range that suits my ‘plain style’. I also found this Blog Post that you should honestly check out if your mama’s to toddlers. It includes 5 must have toddler proof Jewellery pieces for mom. Right now as I am writing this blog post, I am wearing my beautiful Sparkle Sparkle Bracelet.

This is a Gorgeous Crystal Station Bracelet in an antique brass finish. It fits perfectly on my wrist, and has two different adjustments. This bracelet is super easy to take on and off, although i hardly ever want to take it off! It is 100% toddler proof and it adds that extra bit of positivity and happiness into my day just by wearing it! I am absolutely loving it!

I found so much interest in the 7 Charming Sisters and wanted to find out more! So i looked on their website to find out they started out as 7 best friends, each with their own collection and style. They also believe fashion should be fun and affordable for everybody. 7 Charming Sisters have been featured in O Magazine, Redbook, People Style Watch, Plus many more! They also host fundraising events where you don’t even have to get up and leave your house. All you have to do is invite family and friends to go online. 7 Charming Sisters also have a handcrafted line made in Virginia by people with disabilities. There is much more information on Fundraising on their website.

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