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Chit Chat Box Review – Broadening Little Minds

By The Watts

I have found an amazing activity box which sparks your child’s curiosity, teaches them about kindness and meaningful play. And best of all; IT IS OLD SCHOOL PAPER FUN! Wait? How is this all possible? I am super excited to introduce you to The Chit Chat Box by Tiny Giants!

Chit Chat Box Review | Broadening Little Minds | The Watts

Tiny Giants is an Australian family business with a simple purpose – create ways to inspire children to think big, reflect, be creative and kind in a super fun way. The parents of the family of 5 couldn’t find products like this for their children so they decided to turn their big idea into a reality and created The Chit Chat Box!

The Chit Chat box is designed for children aged 4-8 but I am using it with my almost 2 year old, and both of us are LOVING it. This amazing box creates a beautiful and meaningful way to connect together and share stories as a family. I want to introduce this product to every child and parent i know!

Chit Chat Box Review | Broadening Little Minds | The Watts

What Is Included?

Chit Chat Box Review | Broadening Little Minds | The Watts

Let’s Explore Activity Book
Designed for your child to complete with drawings, words and magazine cutouts. Our talkative toddler has already answered some question’s in this booklet (of course with mum and dad’s help writing it!) This booklet is flexible and can be taken anywhere your child wants. It is also a great idea to take it traveling with you on holidays for your children to complete and look back on many years later.

Chat, Snuggle, Sleep Book
This book is best read and shared between parents and little ones just before bedtime. This is another great booklet you can keep for your child as a keepsake. This super fun activity has questions for both you and your child to answer on each page! This activity I’m keeping for when our daughter is a tiny bit older and can understand the questions a lot more; that way she can put thoughtful, fun, meaningful answers in the boxes. Her tiny brain is already super creative, I can see by the way she colours in. Her focus is always fully drawn on the activity that she is doing. I know she’s going to have LOADS of fun with this booklet in a couple of years.

Fun To Be Had Cards
These super fun cards teach your children to have simple old school fun! The types of things me, my partner and my parents would’ve done as children. Each card has a really fun activity to do; Examples include – Make a paper plane. How many times can you jump in one spot without stopping? Make something with a stick and an old sheet.
These are just a few to name, I have been starting to show Brooke that we choose a card everyday to do. I will let her pick it and explain what we have to do and how to do it. I think she understands the concept that the fun activity is coming from the card she chose for the day. She absolutely loves completing these activities, and I know she will complete them over and over again.

Kindness Cards
These adorable postcards are designed for your little one to colour in the image on the front and write a sweet meaningful message on the back of the card. These cards teach your child to be thoughtful to others and also about real life activities; such as going to the post office for the first time to send off their postcard, or hand delivering it to someone special in their lives. Don’t Worry there is 8 postcards so your child doesn’t have to pick only a few people to give them to. I am keeping a few for when she’s older but she made a few for her daddy, and grandparents. I find these cards such a thoughtful thing to do with your child.

Because You’re Special Cards
These amazing cards teach your child to develop and strengthen important relationships; the cards teach your little one to invite someone special to have one on one time with them. These cards spark imagination by making your child think who they want to see, where and when. These will be great for Brooke to do when she can start reading and writing.

Start-Stop-Continue Board
This cleanable board teaches your child to setup some goals for the month. They simply answer what they want to start doing, stop doing and continue doing, There is a whiteboard marker included in the box so every month they can wipe it off and set new goals. I have been considering doing some type of reward chart with Brooke and this is perfect for what I want it for – goal setting. This is perfect to pop onto the fridge.

Chit Chat Box Review | Broadening Little Minds | The Watts

Chit Chat Box Review | Broadening Little Minds | The Watts

Chit Chat Box Review | Broadening Little Minds | The Watts

I was very shocked with how many products you get in the one box! The Chit Chat Box is honestly the best Birthday/ Christmas present to gift that special child in your life. I strongly recommend and of you mama’s or anyone stuck on kid’s gifts to get the Chit Chat Box. They will have years of fun and imagination out of it. I love that Brooke is going to grow with this activity box and keep learning along the way. She already loves being involved in the activities – colouring the Kindness postcards, setting goals on the Start-stop-continue board and having heaps of old school fun with the Kindness cards.
These boxes cost $29.95 and come with a lot more than you would expect!

Chit Chat Box Review | Broadening Little Minds | The Watts

Chit Chat Box Review | Broadening Little Minds | The Watts
Brooke colouring in a card for Daddy.

Chit Chat Box Review | Broadening Little Minds | The Watts


Check out Tiny Giants Website and their social media :

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Chit Chat Box Review | Broadening Little Minds | The Watts
Big Thumbs Up For Tiny Giants!!!


I received a Chit Chat Box to try out and review from the lovely people at Tiny Giants. The opinions are completely my own and are 100% honest.


Hey! We are a young family from Sydney. Family & lifestyle bloggers. Parents to a bubbly one year old girl.

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