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Ameda Finesse Double Breast Pump REVIEW

By The Watts

Choosing the right breast pump can be very tricky and expensive, So I am sharing my thoughts on my Ameda Finesse Double Breast pump.

Ameda Finesse Double Breast Pump REVIEW


I have been using my Ameda breast pump for a couple of months now and it is by far the best pump i have ever used. This breast pump not only increased my milk supply but it also halved the time it used to take to pump. Our second baby was born very premature at 26 weeks into the pregnancy. I was very sick with the flu as well as an infection which expelled him out of my body. He wasn’t ready to come so soon; it was my body that failed to carry him to full term and it made me feel so upset to see him fighting for his life everyday and there was nothing I could do to help him. So when I was told he will start having my colostrum fed through a tube into his stomach as soon as he was born – I was determined to do this one thing for him. I started using my old breast pump and it took me one hour every time i expressed. To keep my supply going i had to pump every 3 hours, it was so time consuming and I wasn’t getting much milk out. I started googling easier options for me to express, that’s when I found Ameda.



About the Breast Pump

The Ameda Finesse Double breast pump is portable! So with the help of a few batteries, I don’t always have to be connected to a power point. I can go out, enjoy myself and pump on the go. The pump is also very light and fits perfectly in the tote bag that comes with it.

Everything is so easy to clean. The breast pump unit just needs an occasional clean with a damp cloth. The other parts (which come in contact with the milk) get placed into warm soapy water and you have the choice to sterilize. The HygieniKit Milk collection system does not have to be cleaned.

Single or double pumping. You have the choice to express both breasts at the same time or express one side and feed bub on the other. Right now I am single pumping so i can have a spare hand to write this review.

You can control both the speed and the suction to suit your pumping style. I found this is how I increased my supply, Ameda have a manual about expressing milk that teaches you how to mimic a baby while pumping using a let-down technique. I have followed that technique since day one and found it to be the most effective way to increase my supply.

The pump unit is very light. I would head off to the hospital early in the morning with a toddler in tow, lunches packed, drink bottles, activities to entertain Brooke, my camera and believe it or not but the Pump motor was one of the lightest items to carry and didn’t take up much room.


Ameda Finesse Double Breast Pump REVIEW


What Is The HygieniKit Milk Collection System?

Ameda use a HygieniKit Milk Collection System which means the pump, tubing and bottles are protected from mould and viruses. My preemie has a lower immune system than full term babies so any virus is very dangerous to him as his tiny lungs didn’t get the time to fully develop while he was growing inside me. The fact the tubing parts don’t have to be cleaned reassures me he is getting nothing but pure breast milk.



Ameda MoistureGuard Disposable Breast Pads

These pads are the most reliable breastfeeding accessory on the market today! They have saved me a ton of times when I would have an occasional leak, there would be nothing worse than sitting in a room with people and my top would start getting noticeably wet. These inexpensive disposable breast pads are ultra thin making it super comfortable and fit snugly in my bra with adhesive strips to keep it in place. The pads also hold 35 times their weight, so there is absolutely no need for me to worry about leaking anymore.



Ameda Triple Zero Lanolin Cream

Ah I LOVE this cream so much!! It has seriously saved me when my nipples started to become sore and cracked from breastfeeding. I felt that one application was all i needed to notice how soothing and long lasting it was. There is no need to wash it off before breastfeeding or expressing as it is safe for babies and my little one doesn’t mind the smell or taste of it.



My overall thoughts on the Ameda Finesse Double electric breast pump is that it is literally my best friend. I love it. The convenience of double pumping saved me so much time when I was running back and forth to the hospital everyday for 3 months. Now I use the pump to express my leftover milk or when my baby needs a bottle (he needs 2 bottles a day to have his medication) and it helped me maintain my supply for when he came home and his feeding increased. I plan to continue to breastfeed and express for at least 12 months.



I hope my review helped you decide what pump you would like to choose, or answered any questions you may of been thinking!

Jaimie xx


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